Coronavirus – We’re Here to Help

While the world goes a bit mad, it’s business as usual (almost) for us and we’re here to help.

As a business owner and running a small business, we appreciate that this virus outbreak is going to have an impact on all our businesses. We hope you and your business will ride the wave and we want you to know that we’re here to support you during this tricky time.

From next week, maybe sooner if necessary, we will be working from home for the foreseeable future. We can all work remotely and we are being encouraged to do so, we will miss some of the daily banter, but I’m sure we’ll find a way to annoy each other online, perhaps we’ll get more work done! Here’s hoping 😉

In case this helps, here’s a list of our top online tools we’ll be using to keep the communication flowing and our actions/tasks in order:

  • Slack – keep conversations organised.
  • Skype – for keeping in touch quickly and easily
  • Trello – for all those to-do lists (We would not live without it!)
  • Zoom – great for virtual meetings, or webinars for those of you that will be turning this into an online adventure
  • Google Hangouts – video calls for free
  • Google Docs – fantastic for collaboration on documents. Multiple people can edit at one time – making it ideal if you’re remotely working on a document.
  • Dropbox – good for storage, allows you to access your files anywhere.
  • Teamviewer – remote access to computers
  • 1Password – password management, extended free trial in response to Covid-19
  • Quickbooks – for time tracking
  • Tidio – website live chat.
  • Exclaimer – to manage your email signatures. View our blog post about Exclaimer email signatures.

We also wanted to give you a few, hopefully helpful, ideas on how to keep your clients/customers informed over the coming weeks. You may be able to action these tasks yourselves, but if you would like us to help, just let us know:

  • Add blog post(s) to your website with a quick link/banner from the homepage if appropriate.
  • Add a notice to your email signature.
    • Ensure any revised contact details are up to date.
    • Add Skype handle or other.
    • Add a note/link to any related information e.g. blog
  • Keep your Google My Business updated.
    • Add blog post(s) to Google My Business.
    • Update business hours or other details.
  • Update social media channels to keep your clients informed with latest news/updates
  • Send an email to your clients/customers (via your email account or email marketing software).

If you would like to discuss how we can help with your transition to working from home or anything else, we’re here to help, a reminder of our contact details, our office number (0207 112 9117) will be forwarded to Helen:

Best wishes

Helen, Man, Lucy & Ashleigh