Email Marketing
Email Marketing strikes many as old-fashioned. More fashionable techniques like social media marketing get all the attention, and some people will even try to tell you that email marketing is dead. Unfortunately, reality doesn’t agree. Email is more powerful than ever thanks to social media. Why? Because it moves the conversation about your business or product to a more personal environment — the in-box.

Email provides you with the most direct line of communication, which is why the most savvy online marketers have no intention of giving it up any time soon. Email marketing systems are getting more powerful and enabling more targetted campaigns. For example, if you are an online retailer, you could directly email all those visitors who have viewed the yellow dress you are selling with a 25% off voucher to purchase that dress. Clever stuff huh! we think so too.

We can design and build html templates for you to edit and send out to your subscriber lists. Once your campaign has been sent out you can view reports on how many people have opened the email, clicked on links in the email and how may emails failed to arrive at their destination. It is important to build on your subscriber list, so we can integrate sign up forms into your website enabling visitors to sign up to receive news, offers etc.

We usually provide email marketing services as part of an overall marketing plan, to discuss your digital marketing needs, please call Helen on 0845 313 6220 or email sayhello@freshpies.co.uk