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Jacey Withers is a talented Jewellery designers, his work is inspired by classic mythology, mystical characters and heavily influenced by literature, film, museum and nature. He was a finalist at this year’s “UK Jewellery Designer Awards” and Paul Smith loved his work so much he snapped up an entire collection! Clever Jacey.

Jacey didn’t have a huge budget to work with, but needed to start selling his pieces online. We developed his website using the Shopify framework and linking to Paypal. The website is fully responsive, so works well on desktop, tablet and mobile.

Check out his collections at www.jaceywithers.com. He has gallery openings in the new ‘Siren Gallery’ on Shacklewell Lane in Dalston. If you like his jewellery, do like his facebook page for updates and hopefully see you at one of his gallery openings.