Search & Social
So what do we mean by Search & Social, sounds like the name of a speed dating evening? What we are really talking about here are Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) & Social Media Marketing (SMM), let’s shorten to Search & Social!


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is all about ensuring your website appears as high as possible on google and other search engines (commonly referred to as “getting to the top of Google”).

It is important to build your website to be search engine friendly, starting from the ground up. There was a time when you could effectively trick the search engines to rank your website highly, but thankfully those days are gone. Good quality content and best practice is an excellent start, some of these best practices include:

  • Writing fast, clean accessible code
  • Generating engaging content
  • Setting up an appropriate site and page structure
  • Using search engine friendly website addresses (URLS)
  • Selecting appropriate keywords and keyphrases
  • Creating sitemaps to help the search engines find your pages
  • Link building and off line marketing
  • Hosting your site on a secure, fast and reliable server

As more and more websites continue to compete for the number 1 spot in google, it is important to have a Search strategy and our team of Search experts will work tirelessly to improve your ranking in google and keep it there. At the moment we are offering a “Pay on results” service, where you only pay for our service once your website has reached page 1 of google for a chosen keyword or phrase! Now you can’t say fairer than that.


Now this a buzz word of the moment, Social Media, it is almost impossible to think that facebook hasn’t been around forever, founded in 2004, it’s safe to say that facebook has achieved world domination, followed closely by twitter and an array of other social icons.

It’s important to remember that Social Media, having almost taken over the world, is still in it’s infancy, but growing minute by minute and where is it going? who knows. Once thing is for sure, you need to jump on board so you don’t get left behind. If you are launching a business or run an existing business, make sure you have a Social Strategy even at a basic level. A facebook page is a must (although make sure you keep it fresh with new updates), setup up a blog, tweet on twitter, have fun with content and ultimately be true to yourself and your business and engage with your audience.

Search & Social – the perfect match

Not too long ago most businesses were viewing SEO and social media as two completely separate initiatives, with completely separate budgets and separate teams dedicated to managing the success of the campaigns. Nowadays, most businesses realise that SEO and social media are a couple and go hand-in-hand with one another’s success. While engaging in social media alone can provide impressive results as can SEO in isolation, together they are a formidable team.

Gaining a massive amount of social shares, not only boosts your SEO signals and your site visibility — you’re also creating content with value for your audience

To discuss your Search & Social requirements please call Helen on 0845 313 6220 or email sayhello@freshpies.co.uk.