Pricing for our Digital Services

You may have seen a lot of companies offering super cheap offers, e.g. “Bespoke Website Design from £34.99”, “Cheap SEO from £84.99”, “Pro Logo Design from £24.99”, you might even find a Groupon offering digital services, but be warned, these offers won’t provide you with a quality service, how can they? Because every client and every job is so different, we don’t offer fixed packages. We provide a very personalised service, more often than not you don’t know exactly what you need and why should you. We work with you to develop your requirements and advise you on the best approach.

You may have a small budget to work with and that is fine, there are ways to keep costs down such as choosing a design template to work with. We pride ourselves on always being very transparent about our costs, our costs are essentially based on time and materials. Your project will be reviewed by us thoroughly and you will be give an estimated time that we anticipate spending plus any material costs – for example, the purchase of imagery or software. We are also happy to tailor our work to a budget, if you have one in mind.

The question to ask yourself when looking for a quote is “what is the value to your business?”. For example if a new website will increase sales by 127% and reduce advertising costs by 50% would you expect to get that from a £400 investment? No, it would be nice but it is unlikely, so you have to think how much you want to invest in successfully promoting your business and or services.

Website design and build prices

Anyway we know that people like figures so to give you more of idea regarding website design and build:

  • A simple site with a few pages, optimised for search engines and built on a template containing links and images: from £3,000.
  • A basic website consisting of the above plus further planning, design, build and search engine optimisation costs about £3,500 to £6,000.
  • A more complex website with further detailed planning including site visits and stakeholder interviews, high level accessible design, ecommerce, bespoke database and advanced search engine optimisation would cost from £6,000 upwards.

Successful websites require proper planning, designing, building, accessibility checks, search engine enhancements and project management. Never choose a website company on price alone, you want to promote your business not ruin it.

If you’re not sure what you need, we are happy to advise and build a strategy based on your requirements. Please contact us to discuss your requirements, call us on 0207 112 9117.