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Beatrice Curnew – Actress & Voiceover Artist

Bright & Beautiful for Beatrice

Beatrice Curnew is an accomplished actress, filmmaker and voiceover artist. Beatrice’s brand identity and website were in need of a facelift. We created a ‘signature’ logo and bold colourful style following through her website, postcards, email signature and social channels. Beatrice was a delight to work with and we wish her every success in her flourishing career.

beatrice curnew website on ipad

I spied a couple of websites I liked the look of and discovered that they were both built by Fresh Pies… I got in touch and have never looked back. I had a great time on this website journey. I have felt supported throughout and have been impressed by the technical, design and personal input. I would recommend them highly to anyone and am thrilled with my site! Thank you Fresh Pies.


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