Dr. Alexis Granite

Website aesthetics for Dr Alexis Granite

Earlier this year, we joined forces with @almightybrands to give world-renowned expert dermatologist Dr. Alexis Granite a website refresh.

With @almightybrands’ vision and our website development expertise, we created a sophisticated site showcasing Alexis’ broad range of services while utilising subtle animation to engage and guide users.

Since launching the website in April 2022, our in-house SEO experts have been working behind the scenes to increase website visibility through content creation and optimisation. Upon starting our SEO work with Alexis, we conducted thorough keyword research to create a clear plan as to the types of searches she wanted the site to show for over time.

Client Goals

  • Increase visibility
  • Increase domain authority
  • Increase online organic traffic

Our SEO development included:

  • Encouraging increased search engine ranking via specifically planned & optimised monthly blog content & updated service page structure
  • Monitoring of site health to aid technical SEO
  • Backlinking outreach – over 100 links obtained including online publications such as Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Sheerluxe, Tatler etc.
  • Increased organic traffic & online enquiries

Within the first year we achieved:

Increased Visibility
+523% YoY

Increased Keyword Ranking
+34% YoY

Increased Domain Authority
+53% YoY

Backlinks Obtained
DA +80