planning the rebranding of Fresh Pies

A Fresh Look for Fresh Pies

So this is exciting! Having rebranded and redesigned websites for numerous clients over the years, now it is our turn. Fresh Pies was established in 2007 and our first logo/website was born. This has stood the test of time and dare I say it… 13 years later it’s still doing the job, but it’s time for a change and a revamp. We are now a team of 4 (and 2 dogs) our brand and website have served us well, but is no longer showcasing our company in the best light possible, it feels like the right time, we’re in a great place, love what we do, love our team, love our clients and want to fall in love with our brand and website all over again.

Rebranding and Redesigning

Having said that it isn’t easy…. As a digital design agency, you would naturally think it was easy rebranding and redesigning your own website, that is what we do so why wouldn’t it be? I’ve worked in design agencies for nearly 20 years and working on your own brand has always been more difficult than you would think, perhaps because we are over-critical? Perhaps it’s the fear of getting it wrong, which is obviously not an option? Perhaps it’s just the lack of time to spend on our own project? So early on, we decided to collaborate with our great friends Almighty to design and develop our new brand. We have collaborated with Almighty on a number of projects and knew they’d get it right. Matt developed a number of concepts but our chosen concept stood out from the crowd. We were keen to create a simple logo, with personality and a ‘twist’, we wanted the brand to be fun, friendly and approachable as well as being professional, trustworthy and honest. We hope you like it! And obviously we’ve followed with our new website which we’ve been quietly crafting over the last year. We’ve adapted a carefully selected theme in WordPress, giving us a fun, fresh new look, showcasing our projects and hopefully giving you a better feel for us and how we work, supporting our clients in all things digital.

Get in touch if you are interested in giving your company a fresh new look for 2020!