Whatsapp Business Vs Tidio

Whatsapp Business Vs Tidio

Whatsapp Business Vs Tidio. When it comes to promoting your business online, your website is often described as your digital storefront or shop window. From here, potential customers can browse through your services or products and make an informed decision on which action they would like to take. 

To buy? Or not to buy? That is the question. 

In order to make this decision easier for customers, a call to action such as “purchase here” or “click here for a quote” can make all the difference when it comes to gaining business. However, if a website is your digital storefront, then who is your online sales clerk? 

In a digital age where consumers are looking for evermore instant responses, a chatbot can provide the perfect solution for both acquiring leads (if a service based business) and offering direct customer service. 

What is a chatbot? 

Much like a contact form, chatbots allow online customers to contact a business directly with any queries. However, one of the main perks of using chatbots on your site is that you can programme it to automatically respond to general queries with FAQ’s, as well as directly linking to your phone so customers can converse with a member of staff. This can aid customers on their conversion journey as they move through the sales funnel and increase the flow of business on your site. 

Gone are the days of long delays when responding to queries via email. 

In this month’s blog we will discuss the difference between two chatbots – Whatsapp Business Vs Tidio, looking at how each platform can be used to revolutionise online customer service whilst aiding an increase in conversion rates. 

Whatsapp Business capabilities

It’s estimated that people send over 65 billion messages on Whatsapp every day, making it one of the most popular & rapidly growing messaging applications currently used. Due to its mass popularity, Whatsapp can be seen as a preferred method of communication for a number of people and is a great way for businesses to easily contact potential customers in order to communicate with them effectively.

WhatsApp Business is a free app specifically designed for small businesses to connect with customers on WhatsApp. As one of the most popular apps for businesses, It offers features like a business profile to showcase information and messaging tools to organize chats, send automated replies, and label conversations. Think of it as a regular WhatsApp account with a toolbox for managing customer interactions more efficiently.

Customers can click on a small Whatsapp chat icon on a website to start a dedicated Whatsapp chat with a business directly from their phone or computer. The Whatsapp Business chatbot then uses machine learning to handle general customer queries answering questions in real-time, improving customer experience. The chatbot will gather information about the customer’s query, their phone number or email address. From here a business owner or customer service representative can message the potential customer via a business WhatsApp account, therefore aiding the sales process. 

Pros & Cons of Whatsapp For Business 

Pros Cons
Businesses are able to communicate on a familiar & portable platform reaching customers at any time.  Potential customers are bombarded with both personal and business messages all on one platform 
The tool is free to use for businesses  Mainly focused on the mobile user
Whatsapp Business elevates lead generation and customer service providing automated customer services 24/7 Business accounts don’t offer their own dedicated app – all messages are mixed in with general Whatsapp chats
The platform encourages brand loyalty by assisting customers on their preferred platform Not suitable for large businesses
Businesses are able to create personalised customer experiences via customisable scripts on Whatsapp Coding is needed to program onto a website
If you’re a small business this would be a great chatbot to use 

Tidio Capabilities

Tidio is a customisable chatbot available to download directly onto your website. The easy to use bot allows users to customise messages differing from page to page and can even be programmed to communicate in multiple languages depending on the geolocation of a site. For instance if your business operates in both the UK & France, you can set up Tidio to respond differently in each country. Be this via language or message. 

A key perk when using Tidio is the ability to alter the colour and style of your chat box to fit with the theme of your site without ticky coding. The colour palette options are easy to customise and can be accessed via your own personal Tidio account. 

Other features available when using Tidio include: 

  • A dedicated account to manage chats 
  • The ability to assign certain chats to different members of your team. This can be applied when adding members of your team as operators
  • Up to 3 operators can be used on the free version of Tidio – perfect for small businesses
  • AI chat paths can be easily customised using a flow path function 
  • Operator opening hours are clearly presented to let customers know how long a response should take e.g. between the hours of 9-5 replies can take up to an hour 

Pros & Cons of using Tidio 

Pros  Cons
No coding necessary – Tidio can be added onto a website by downloading an easy to use plugin  When using the free account users are limited to 100 instant pop up triggers when customers land on the site 
Customisable theme settings to keep the chatbot in keeping with your site’s theme  Operators need to be vigilant to respond to messages by accessing a dedicated Tidio account or app 
A dedicated account with downloadable app to manage chatbot settings and customer chats on the go 
Tidio’s live chat widget adjusts to your customers’ screens, so they can comfortably message you on mobile or tablet
Settings such as language and differing messaging on each page can be easily altered by editing the chatbot settings on your Tidio account
Chats can be assigned to specific operators in order to manage leads more effectively 
Up to 3 operators can be used on the free version of Tidio – perfect for small businesses

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