Creating website content

#Tip 1: Spend Some Quality Time With Your Website Content

So it’s a new week in our ‘working from home’ world, for many of you this won’t be easy and this will be a time to pause, be creative, think outside the box and get ready for the ‘switch back on’. Some of you may be looking for new ways to keep busy and keep your businesses running. We want to help, so thought we could give you some ideas to help you come out stronger on the other side. After all this is over, it would be great to feel like we all made the most of this time. Over the coming weeks we’ll give you some ideas to help you support your business through this tricky time.

Our tip this week is to spend some quality time getting creative with your website content. Revisit the messaging on your website and remember Google loves new engaging content, whether rewording some of your existing content or writing new content for projects or blogs. Perhaps set a goal to write 1 blog post a week for these 12 weeks, you’ll then have a blog to share once a month for a year. Google will love you for it.

#Tip 2: Keep Your Email Signature Up To Date