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What Does Commission Paid Mean On Tiktok

Commission paid on TikTok refers to the compensation that creators receive for promoting or endorsing products or services on the platform. This form of influencer, or creator marketing has become increasingly popular. Why? Brands want to leverage the large and engaged audiences on TikTok to reach potential new customers.

Commission Paid on Tiktok, Commission Slayed on TikTok

When a creator is paid a commission for promoting a product or service, they typically receive a percentage of the sales generated through their unique affiliate link or promo code. This incentivises creators to create engaging and authentic content that drives conversions for the brand. Also we’d hope they were already doing that already!

Commission paid on TikTok varies, depending on the agreement between brand and creator. Some creators may get a flat fee for their promotion, others may earn a percentage of the sales they generate. In some cases, creators may also receive free products or other perks in addition to money. (Smaller creators may also accept payment in goods only.)

Creators should disclose when they are being paid a commission for promoting a product or service on TikTok. Transparency is key to maintaining trust with audiences, but we still see larger accounts taking artistic liberties, shall we say!

In the USA, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) requires influencers to clearly disclose any paid partnerships. This ensures that consumers are aware of the commercial nature of the content they are viewing. The British equivalent is the Competition and Markets Authority. The CMA requires platforms ensure that their users know that hidden ads are not allowed, and that businesses are ensuring their creators are labelling their content as ads. ‘All such promotional content posted on social media should be clearly labelled as ads… Even if your business doesn’t control the content or ask content creators for anything in return: all ads must be labelled as ads.”

When you see the words ‘commission paid on TikTok’, you can see that the creator and the brand are playing by the rules. And we love that for them.

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