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What Is Microsoft Clarity

Microsoft Clarity is a web analytics tool to provide insights into user behaviour and interactions on websites. This platform allows users to track and analyse key metrics such as page views, bounce rates, and user engagement. This is valuable data that can be used to optimise website performance and improve user experience. We have a helpful article comparing Clarity versus HotJar here, if you’re in the market for some behaviours analytics software.

Behavioural Insights with Microsoft Clarity

One of the standout features of Microsoft Clarity is its session replay functionality, which allows website owners to view recordings of user sessions in real-time. This gives the opportunity to see exactly how users are interacting with a website, allowing for a deeper understanding of user behaviour and preferences.Users don’t always interact in ways you’d assume, so this is so helpful!

In addition to session replay, it also offers heat maps, to visually represent users clicking and scrolling on a website. This data can be used to identify areas of high attention, as well as areas that may be overlooked. You can easily share those heat maps with colleagues too.

We find that Microsoft Clarity is a valuable tool for website owners looking to gain a better understanding of their audience, and improve the overall performance of their site. By providing detailed insights into user behaviour and interactions, Microsoft Clarity enables you to make data informed decisions. And you can’t go wrong with that.

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