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What Is Social Search

Social search is a type of search using the social connections of the user to provide more personalised and relevant results. It leverages internal platform data on the user’s social network, interests, and preferences.

Social Search = Social Knowledge

By analysing the user’s social connections, these internal search engines give results tailored to the individual’s specific needs and interests. This can include recommendations from direct connections, as well as content that has been engaged with by people within the user’s social circle. You’re more likely to hire an electrician that a friend reviewed than a complete stranger. This is social proof of value, as it creates an element of accountability. Accountability is a stepping stone to trust.

Additionally it helps users discover new content and information that they may not have come across by Googling. With the collective knowledge and expertise of their social network, users can access a wider range of perspectives and content to help them make decisions. This is why a well managed social media presence can really benefit your business. Ensuring your content is coming up in the relevant searches is one of the the reasons us marketers care about metrics like impressions and engagements. Likes, shares and saves of content contribute to increasing the likelihood of your content appearing in searches.

This kind of search can also help users find relevant content more efficiently. By prioritising results that have been shared or recommended by people users trust, platforms get close to mimicking a word of mouth recommendations. Your Instagram ‘discover’ feed is a good example, and also the TikTok ‘for you page’.

Overall, it represents a shift towards more personalised and humanised search experiences. By harnessing the power of social connections, social search engines are able to deliver more relevant, and engaging results.

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